gives context, shape, and direction to complex questions regarding information


De Informatiemaatschappij
David Jorritsma
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We live in an information society. There is more information available to us now than ever before, but not all information is equally valuable – and some of it is more valuable than it seems. Why would a baker need to know how frequently train carriages require maintenance? He probably doesn’t – unless his bakery is across the street from a train depot. Clearly, the value of information depends on its context. It’s a matter of relevance.

Information creates value

How does a (large) organisation discover the relevance of information? How do you access the information that already exists within your company? What is the most effective way of discovering and using that information? And how does that help you to improve your business and your work processes?

The Information Society helps organisations to give shape to complex questions regarding information, and to increase the value of (corporate) information.

David Jorritsma is The Information Society.

About DavidDavid Jorritsma

When I came across the term “information overload” during my academic career, I was triggered. Can there be such a thing as too much information? Not in my opinion. What certainly exists, however, is the following question:

Which information is interesting,
and in which form and context is it most effective?

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