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Strategy sommelier

Strategies for process and information issues

As a large or medium-sized organisation, do you want to change something about a process or system? But haven’t you decided yet what that change should look like? Then the strategy sommelier offers a solution. The strategy sommelier (in Dutch: strategiesommelier) is a method developed by De Informatiemaatschappij for designing strategies for process and information issues. Combining all possible directions into concrete scenarios makes choosing a direction much easier. Moreover, when scenarios are created, many stakeholders are already involved, which also helps in creating support for the final direction.

Four tailor-made scenarios

Strategy sommelierThe strategy sommelier is engaged to ensure that a clear direction is chosen before starting a change. The strategy sommelier’s approach leads to four proposed scenarios. At the end of the process, the organisation determines its own direction based on these scenarios. By defining requirements for the chosen direction and thus shaping the change, one avoids having to step back later in the process.
But even if, unexpectedly, you still need to “go back to the drawing board” during an initiated change, the strategy sommelier is an appropriate tool.

Because the strategy sommelier approach follows predetermined steps, you always know exactly what to expect and when to expect it The timeline is also agreed upon in advance.

Examples where the strategy sommelier is used:

  • Determining solution direction for an issue
  • Translating policy-oriented strategy into processes and systems
  • Involving different departments and stakeholders in the solution direction
  • Deciding where to start

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Why “sommelier”?

David JorritsmaA sommelier ensures a good wine-food combination and complements the chef. In the strategy sommelier, the client remains the chef and De Informatiemaatschappij is the sommelier.
Like the sommelier, De Informatiemaatschappij aims to surprise, enrich the chef’s flavours and explain the choices, making both the chef and the guests happy.