gives context, shape, and direction to complex questions regarding information


De Informatiemaatschappij
David Jorritsma
Edward Wrightstraat 13
1086 WC Amsterdam
+31 6 52 13 42 24


The Information Society helps large and medium-sized organisations with complex questions regarding data and information. This applies mostly to the fields of HR, facility, compliancy, and IT, but the Information Society has a place in a much wider area.

Strategy, consultancy, and management

  • information, project, and programme management
  • change management, stakeholder management
  • designing solutions for processes and systems (solution architect)
  • guiding and optimising processes
  • setting up functional management

Lectures, presentations, and workshops

  • handling information (information skills)
  • sharing information (modes of presentation)
  • finding information (personal knowledge mastery, big data)
  • giving value to information (giving meaning)

Research and collaboration

  • research into the value of information (click here)
  • sharing research data in an efficient way (database)
  • sharing knowledge and collaborating with other information specialists

The Information Society is employed by, among others

GVB Amsterdam

Project management / information management
Call for bids for digital personnel files and system for absence management
Development and implementation of My HR (self-service in HR processes)
IT-solutions regarding staff, information, and planning
Analyses, proposals, and workshops revolving around increasing the compliancy of processes
Information plan/roadmap HR and facility