gives context, shape, and direction to complex questions regarding information


De Informatiemaatschappij
David Jorritsma
Edward Wrightstraat 13
1086 WC Amsterdam
+31 6 52 13 42 24



Project manager/consultant

GVB Amsterdam

Project management / Information management
Tenders for digital personnel file, system for absence management and HR portal/core HR replacement
Development and implementation My HR (self service in HR processes)
ICT oplossingen op het gebied van personeel, informatie en planning
Analyses, voorstellen en workshops rond het meer compliant maken van processen
Informatieplan/roadmap personeel en facilitair 2016-2026

Municipality of Zaanstad

Consultant E-HRM change management
Guidance on process and content of the tender


Solution architect HR focused on the alignment between several projects and processes on a national and international level


Lead solution architect designing HR services and systems for a prospect in the ICT-industry

Previously – as an employee

Accounting Plaza – Genpact

Team lead/Project management / Information management / Change management/Tender management
Development and implementation of various HR and payroll systems, services and processes (design, contract formation, cost calculation)

Ontwikkeling en implementatie diverse HR en Payroll-systemen, -diensten en -processen (ontwerp, contractvorming, kostprijsberekening)


Functional application management HR system